Computer Science and me


Beware of the coding monster!

Since 2010 I’m also studying Computer Science at the University of Berne. I’ve been fascinated by computer programs quite some time ago (it started with some programmable LEGO robots) and back then I was already working at a small software company for almost two years – as a support and marketing guy though. Although Computer Science is much a bigger field than just “hacking” and “coding”, it has always been the field with the most interest to me. I’m too stupid for theoretical computer science and not patient enough for computer architecture. Software Engineering it is then. But as I originally come from the Business side (it is my major after all) I might have a bit different perspective than some of my colleagues at University.

What do I mean with Software Engineering?

Probably the more generic term ‘Software Development’ is more fitting. Although my heart races when I see some smart implemented algorithms, well crafted patterns and fancy looking class diagrams – I’m most certainly sure, that I will never be the full-time coder. I’m more interested in the whole process of creating software. That includes and specifically emphasized the whole project management process. I think there are too many engineers that do not understand enough from the business world and too many business people, that think they know the technical stuff better than their engineers. I want to be neither of those and be something in between – or at least facilitate that.

Who’s the coding monster?

Sounds ambitious and how am I to state stuff like that? Well currently I’m neither working as an engineer nor as a project manager. As a matter of fact I never worked as either. So I have zero practice in either. That’s why I’m refering to the coding monster as myself. I mess around with things I have no clue about and scare everybody else with it. But I just started an internship at a small IT company as a Engineer/Project Manager and it’s my first opportunity to learn and adapt. Let’s see me struggle, shall we?