CROSSMobile van

JIFX 15-3

The week after my semester ended I spent surrounded by US Navy and Military personnel. That itself was quite an experience, but not the most interesting part. By joining the CROSSMobile research team I got the unique opportunity to attend JIFX, a “hackerspace for private industry, academia, DoD, and humanitarians”.


Turning promises into responses

After migrating a Node.js module to a new version, I am faced with the problem of unifying promises with callbacks. I opted for the first approach and try to handle the resolution of promises in the Express middle-ware rather than duplicating all the the code in each handler.


Setup personal toolchain for SSNoC

This is a post related to a course at CMU (18-652 Foundations of Software Engineering). It is designed to be of help for fellow classmates and probably of not much interest for anybody else. This post walks you through the setup of a personal toolchain to start developing on the project. Many students approached me…

Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley

Studies in the Valley

A bit more than a month ago I moved to Santa Clara in California and started my program in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University on the Silicon Valley Campus. I would like to share some of my experience that I gained after three weeks of an graduate student at CMU and in the Silicon Valley. To some degree, it is the kind of blog post I was looking for, when applying for programs and when preparing to move here. To another degree it tries to answer a common question I get from people back home: “How is studying over there?”


The Golden State

With all my efforts getting into a US master’s program finally coming to a successful end it seems like it is time to share the experience of the last couple of years. From a simple trip to San Francisco in 2011 to a admission in the Software Engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University in the Silicon Valley.


Battling mysql storage engines

Usually storage engines are of little interest for WordPress plugin developers. But if you try to use foreign keys you better be sure, that you have the right constellation of engines between the tables of your plugin and the ones from WordPress. This post highlights some of the details of the different engines in this regard and shows you how to select the correct engine for your tables.


OOD in WordPress Plugins

The past half year I have been working extensively on the development of a couple of WordPress plugins. I have touched on some of the issues I have encountered in a previous post already. But I would like to touch a bit more on the plugin development in regard to object-oriented design in particular.


Lessons learned in WordPress plugin development

The last couple of weeks I got into WordPress plugin development. Although I have been using WordPress for several occasions, I never really got beyond the point where some simple theme customizations did not get there. In general I am not a big fan of php. Nevertheless I admired WordPress for its coding standards and…